Soup of the day

With fresh bread roll

Peppered Trout Mousse

Served on Melba toast with basil pesto cream

Spinach & Courgette Feta Fritter

Sweet chilli tomato relish and guacamole cream


Prepared with white wine, shallots & garlic

Springbok Carpachio

Finely sliced medallions of springbok served with
rocket, parmesan shavings and a balsamic reductions

Cold smoked trout

Smoked trout with sour cream-caper sauce
served in a phyllo basket.

The Highlander House Salad

Fresh garden lettuce, grilled chicken breast, red onion ,
deep fried feta, tomatoes, cucumber with yoghurt and
herb dressing

Pan Seared Trout Fillets

Pan seared rainbow trout fillet with mash, onion
marmalade and our classic hollandaise

Garlic prawns

Sautéed prawns, shallots, mushrooms with garlic cream volute
served with rice and a garden salad

Chicken & Prawn curry

Cooked in a delicate  tomato and onion based sauce,
with a tang of lemon, coconut milk and a hint of yoghurt.
Served with poppadoms and sambals.

Beef Fillet

Grilled fillet with potato wedges, stir fried vegetables
and a black pepper sauce

Beef Sirloin

250g aged Sirloin steak served with mushroom
sauce, steamed vegetables and chips

Braised Oxtail

Traditional slow cooked oxtail served with
mashed potato or basmati rice

Sauteed Ostrich fillet with green peppercorns & mushrooms

A delicate balance of mushrooms and green peppercorns
served with oven roasted vegetables and baked potato

Butternut panzerotti Alfredo

Homemade half round pasta served
with a creamy parmesan sauce

Ricotta cheese & spinach ravioli

Homemade square pasta pockets with a
cheese and spinach stuffed centre server
with a Napolitana Sauce

Chicken tortellini

Homemade ring shaped pastas with a
chicken filled center served with a
Puttanesca Sauce.
All served with a portion of seasonal vegetables
Homemade fish cakes and chips
Spaghetti Bolognese
Crumbed Chicken strips and chips
Margaherita Pizza

Traditional Malva Pudding

With an Amarula sauce

Chocolate mousse

Soft milk chocolate mousse. Rich and decadent
with a velvety smooth texture.

Vanilla Cheesecake

With mixed berry compote

Ice cream and chocolate sauce

Romantic chocolate fondue

Smooth milk chocolate served with fresh fruit,
biscuits and marshamallows (for 2)

Medley of local Cheeses

A selection of locally sourced cheeses with
biscuits, preserved fruits & toasted nuts