The Highlander House Salad

Fresh garden lettuce, grilled chicken breast, red onion ,
deep fried feta, tomatoes, cucumber with yoghurt and
herb dressing
Smoked Trout & Potato Salad
Whole grain mustard potato salad, lettuce, cucumber,
balsamic roasted beetroot, toasted health bread with
creamy herb dressing
Butternut Soup
With freshly baked bread roll
Available in white or brown bread and served with
Ham and cheese
Chicken and mayonnaise
Bacon, egg and tomato
Served with a portion of chips
Chicken Burger
Crumbed chicken fillet, tomato ,lettuce, pineapple, fried
onion and sweet chilli mayonnaise
Classic Cheese Burger
Pure beef patty, lettuce cheddar cheese, tomato, fried
onion and gherkins
Beef Sirloin
250g aged Sirloin steak served with mushroom
sauce, steamed vegetables and chips
Traditional Malva Pudding
With caramel and vanilla ice cream
Dark Chocolate Brownies
With white chocolate sauce
Vanilla Cheesecake
With mixed berry compote
Ice cream and chocolate sauce